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I’ve been natural for about 2 years and 3 months.. I recently took out a form of kinky twists called city twists.. my hair has been so dry and tangled. I’ve had to detangle my hair every single day since Friday.. I have done just about every thing I know how to do.. so the question now is ..how do I stop my hair from being so damn tangled?

On the way to see Ragtime.. used Kinky -Curly

Ok I have not posted for a while.. Been Busy with life. .. I just wanted to update everyone. I did finish the master cleanse and I lost a total of 17 lbs.. I also decided to take down my city twists. I only lasted 2 months and 1 week. They took about 5 hours to put in and it took me about 8 hours to take out. Of course I am loosing a lot of hair because your hair sheds about 100 strands a day and mine was all twisted up so I expect to lose or shed a lot of excess hair. 

Today I attended a Natural Hair Workshop by Felicia Leatherwood.. she is a celebrity hair stylist to Jill Scott and so many more. The workshop itself was good. I had high expectations going in and I think that I expected too much. I wanted to learn so much more than what I already know. I have to say that I learned about 15-20 % more than what I know now. Ms. Leatherwood also brought LRC who is Lawrence Ray Concepts that is an upscale professional hair care line.  

I felt that the info I received was good but I wanted to receive more.. I wanted to see more demonstrations. I did like the presentation of LRC  however It did feel like I was sitting in an QVC or HSN show.. with them waiting for me to buy buy buy..  

Overall it was a good experience. I got to meet other fellow naturals and my favorite blogger (afrobella).. I did feel that for the $36.00 that I spent that I should have left there with way more information that I obtained.. Maybe they could have shortened the QVC demo and gave me more info.. Do I feel like I got my Money’s Worth? Not really..But would I do it again.. yes. It was nice to be able to ask a True Professional ( natural hair) questions  and get answers…  


As I mentioned before I took the City Twists out .. Now My hair is a tangled mess… I have detangled and detangled and detangled and still it goes back.. I decided to use the New Miss Jessies Super Sweet Back Treatment and It did wonders to detangle however…My hair doesn’t feel any softer.. I need to get back my softness that I had acquired pre city twists and I’m not sure what to do.. any suggestions will greatly be appreciated. Also as I mentioned before that LRC was at the workshop I went to.. The items were pretty pricey however I would like to def try their system.. so I guess I need a way to come up with a dub and a quarter..or is that a couple of dubs,… I’m not sure… lol.. Once I get it I will see how well it works on my hair…we shall see… 


to see more pictures of my natural hair journey check out my Fotki   www.fotki.com/mzpastrychef 

Ok.. I have not officially had my city twists for a month yet. Like I said in my previous post I love them..However they have started to look really really old. My hair is starting to come out of the twists. I think that they didn’t use enough hair when they decided to twists. In the previous pics that is mostly my hair..It is the length of my real hair also..They maybe used like 6-10 strands of hair per twists. I had to re twist several already. As you can see in the pictures below I had some serious frizziness and you can see my hair coming out..

I emailed them several times and about a week later they finally got back to me. They stated that they would send me a $50 gift certificate to use when I come back to get them done again. I don’t think that the $50 was enough considering how much they cost and the fact that I live in Chicago and they are in Georgia. I would have appreciated maybe $75 or $100 but Im ok with the $50 for now. When I called I spoke with the owner and she stated to send pictures of my hair and to remind them when I make my appointment to come back again.

I have to say that the customer service was great!!!. I do think that I will go back again but for right now I have to try and make this hair work! 

Tell me what you think.. What should I have done??  Take a look at my hair below..


I am on day 6 of my detox.. So far the scale says that I have lost about 11 lbs. Day 4 and Day 5 were ok days. I am not hungry like I thought I would be. But the problem now is that I want to get. I want to eat because I am use to eating. Every commercial I see is about food and I want it. I can’t stand to be around people when they are eating food because I want it. My boss was eating Harold’s chicken and I wanted that chicken so damn bad but my stomach was full of liquid.

I am thinking about doing another salt water flush tomorrow.. I’m not sure about it yet but we will see.

Over all I think that I am doing a very good job on this..When I am finally able to eat I am going to stick to salads and fruits the first week and then gradually edge myself back into eating meat because I gotta have my Fish & Chicken!!

This is day 7 now and last night I went to sleep hungry as hell. It was very difficult not to get up and go and eat.. I woke up around 1 pm today so I haven’t drank all my cups of lemonade today..I’m only on about 2 cups..Need to get to drinking!!






City Twists



I’ve been natural for 2 years and 1 month. For the first 3 months I did the Big Chop and then wore my hair in Kinky Twists. After that I wore it in a TWA then when my hair got long enough I did finger coils and then Two strand twists.  My hair is past my shoulder when I straightened it out…I mostly wear it in a puff.. On March 5th I decided to get my hair done while I was in ATL. I decided to get a different form of Kinky Twists called “City Twists”.    

The salon is a private salon. They do not list their address on their website…However they have lots of pictures as well as prices. Now I must warn you.. The price says $250.. Be prepared to spend at least $325.. That was the price they quoted me once I got there. Now if I was back in the Chi I would have walked my tail out of there.. But for this salon you need to make your appointment in advance and make a deposit.    

The salon itself is in a residential area. It’s a new area thus you cannot map quest it nor plug it into your Tom Tom. Thus I got lost!!!  Once I arrived there I was surprised to find it in someone’s house. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. However once I walked around back and walked into the salon I was surprised that it was a salon. Upon arrival I was asked to fill out a survey and thus given valuable information about natural hair care and my hair design/style that I wanted. I opted to get a wash and a deep conditioner for an extra $45.     

The wash and deep conditioner was nice but do I think it was worth $45/..No. Next time I will prewash my hair before I go.  The ladies proceeded to work on my hair. The hair itself was not the usual hair that the ladies use here in Chicago.. This hair was much softer.     

After about 5 hours I was all done and looked FABU..  Would I recommend this place to anyone??? YES..     

This style is a form of protective styling and it’s pricey but it’s worth it. Oh did I mention that they served me Lunch, Wine, Coffee & Tea. Oh did I mention LUNCH?!?!?! Yes This reason alone is a reason for me to go back.. After 4-10 hours in a salon you get hungry or thirsty and they care about their clients. I plan on returning to the Atlanta area (they are abt 30 min from ATL)    

If you would like to know the name of the salon please leave a comment with your email address and I will get you all the info.    

They also do a concierge service where you can go back in as many times as you want to get them styled.. Also before I left they showed me how to do different styles with them without using any hair ties which I thought was awesome.. So all in all my experience was a very good experience and it only took 5 hours start to finish!!!    





Copyright 2010 RGL
Copyright 2010 RGL




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